BC Housing - Owner Builders Portal

  • 1. Questions
  • 2. Acknowledgment
  • 3. Identification
  • 4. Mailing Address
  • 5. Home Address
  • 6. Ordinarily Resident
  • 7. Site Information
  • 8. Confirm Details
  • 9. Fee Payment

Welcome to the BC Housing Online Application for an Owner Builder Authorization


  • After you complete the following pages, your application document will be generated.
  • You will be required to print the generated document and mail it to the Licensing & Consumer Services Branch. Detailed instructions will be included in the printed document.


To complete this application YOU WILL NEED:

  1. A valid email address
  2. A drivers licence
  3. The legal address and property identifier (PID) of the proposed dwelling unit
  4. The legal name, date of birth and drivers licence number of every adult who ordinarily resides with you
  5. Your current home address and mailing address, including postal code
  6. Continued access to the Internet
  7. PDF viewer to view and print your Owner Builder Authorization and Application Forms